Big on Recreation Activities

Big on Recreation Activities

Guest picking this hotel have the right idea for a good trip pick. The landscaping and scenery is gorgeous, and makes for an enchanting lakeside experience. Having fun at the resort, that's what it's all about. You can put your toes in the sandy beach here, or take a boat and go for a leisurely ride. Pick your activity: sailing, biking, or beach day! Kids, water, pools and sand go hand-in-hand. We wanted a hotel for vacations in Orlando at the theme parks and this is a super home run. It is a special place for truly enjoying a Florida vacation.
Bernadette A.

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Fun was the trip and Being in the Center of World Drive Orlando and near the action. I was impressed for Daily Entertainment Options and what a fun hotel, with so many good times on property.

Glad we went to the love the tastykake pie store as that is the last time I used my wallet. Oops, I left my small blue wallet next to your pink umbrella on the driver side. Will you please take it out of your car and put it on the dresser in the spare bedroom. I might stop over and get it during the week. Thanks.

Lyndon Q.

Grand Cypress

1 Grand Cypress Boulevard
Orlando FL 32836

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