Great Destinations in Orlando Florida

Great Destinations in Orlando Florida

Absolutely fantastic and we got to enjoy the resort for three nights. The place is huge and hidden on the backside of the property are the two giant pools. One of the heated swimming pools is more for swimming and relaxation. The other one is for splashable play and has all sorts of games to play in the water. Easy walk over to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Fine place.
Nicholas H.

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Lots of events and happenings nearby

If only everyday of my life could be had here. It was a pleasure and the hotel bars are so good about serving really tasty frozen drinks. I like being next to the Boardwalk area, it really has a nice vibe and must be one of the best spots for Orlando Nightlife.

Sol R.

Lakefront Resorts

There are pros and cons to all of the hotels but I like the big ones because you really do get an enormous amount of amenities. This place is impressive and really excellent. The area is in a good part of Orlando where there's lots of excellent cafes to eat and some really good ones. All of the hotels have themed cafes for the food and because this town is all about Mickey Mouse even the restaurants can go above and beyond on just about any street in town.

You would definitely would like to get one of the higher up room floors if you're staying here at this particular resort. Most often I want to be on the lower floors if less than three flights because there's no big advantage, but here you want to be up high for the room view. Some of those palm trees can get in the way if you're on about the sixth floor. I'm not really sure you can do anything about the situation if you have a palm tree out your window, but I'm certain they would listen to you if you did complain but they won't cut it down! Make sure you do everything which means don't linger by the pool for four hours drinking margaritas all day. You could do a little bit of the Margarita drinking, but you gotta check out a little bit of everything in this area and there is plenty.

Ruben W.

Swan Resort

1500 Epcot Resort Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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