Everyone loves the Parades and Shows

There is so much to do at Disney Orlando that doesn't involve waiting in any lines at the parks. They really know how to pack the full list of activities. There are plenty of opportunities to do zany things around every corner.

They sing, have acts on the streets, great parades, Character Greetings, fire works, food tastings, and more. The Lion King is a big winner and good for the parents as well as the children.

For adults, the Orlando Speedway at Disney is really fast. Test Track is very fine too.
Chadwick S.

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What our Kids Loved

Make sure to video tape the big events. My headset really reduces the crap ambient sound. Just want to let you know that I had a more polished video day.

All my stuff today was one-take, cleaner, and with the ultrapod two! I can increase the intake when I want using the camcorder setting at the parade events or even mickey stage show.

We took our cat and had a nice experience at the Bay Hill Cat Hospital during the trip. Good for by the pool with the kids is Little Caesars Pizza for dining pick up to go.

Benton D.

Magic Kingdom Parade

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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