Budget Hotel

Budget Hotel

This answers the question of which Disney hotel is best for the family on a budget. It ranks high as compared to other similarly priced hotels on highway 192 in Kissimmee. The theme is really well integrated, even into the tiniest decor details inside each room. What a highly ranked Value Hotel.

It is a very nice hotel for the price. The decor is really fun, with great photos opportunities everywhere you look. Key to Orlando Hotel picking is having a really good time. Everything is super well kept, even the Swimming Pool bathrooms are maintained all day long.

A bigger than life hotel, with a small price tag is a good thing. The staff is really friendly and helpful, so ask all your questions. Relax by the pool with a cocktail drink, adults will love the poolside bar.
Blanche E.

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Decorated Hotel

We are off to the ESPN Club restaurant for hockey night in america. Today was thunderstorms, it was pretty awful, but there wasn't much choice as mother nature got highly combative and we could handle her for short times, but after an hour or so she was ready to fight and hurt either herself or one of us.

Rain life on Orlando vacation trips makes us stronger, right? Do remember that. Disney trips are great after issues in life, weather, even yelling kids. Terrible times do not happen, I even loved it here when my marriage was falling apart and one of my oldest friends was in an awful accident and almost died. We had to put her into hospice for the thirty seven days she was alive. We loved eating out at Napoli's Pizza and Chathama cafe during the trip.

Grandparents love Disney too, my grandmother almost made it to ninety four too, a few days short of our annual trip to the Magic Kingdom Park. I am so glad my grandmother got to stay here during All-Star Movies resort weekend. I always loved this town and the theme park fun. The staff is super nice and funny from memory, they keep it so clean.

Sherry C.

All-Star Movies

1991 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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