Built just like Norway

Built just like Norway

Its Norway, where you will find gorgeous cobble stone courtyards, a Norwegian town square, and fantastic replica of a 14th century Oslo fortress. So impressive are the shops, loaded with all sorts of neat oddities. A fun and interesting country highlighted by the Maelstrom ride, open-faced sandwiches, and Nordic sweets!

In the evening it is Dinner and Nightlife at Norwegian Town Square. We like to come in the summer time because you have more daylight hours. Here in Florida typically gets dark around 8:30 PM, which is really sweet. Of course you have to be able to walk and handle the heat.

Definitely you want to wear a really big wide brimmed hat that completely keeps your face in the shade. A lot of people like to where the baseball caps but they don't really get it done at all. You're gonna be walking around and in the sun so why not be prepared so you can have more fun and don't get aggravated.

You should also check the rain forecast. Before we make plans each day we do a Google search for the Orlando rain forecast. You can make your decisions on whether you want to focus on an outdoor day, or maybe do some shopping and spend more time indoors. Probably the best weather forecast in the area is news thirteen which is one of the TV stations that you will see when you're flipping through the channels in your Disney Hotel Room. What fun we had, just be prepared for the sunlight.
Ellen W.

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The Norway Showcase

That photograph of the Norway Showcase must've been taken early in the day before there were too many people there. Typically there are lots of folks meandering around next to this big cave wall. It's meant to be a village, way up in the mountains and just like the real thing.

Uniqueness is what it's all about and they go to all kinds of efforts to make everything just like the original location they are representing. You will notice some places for you to tie up your horse, smaller versions but that's what that's for out front. Some places around the area are all about sightseeing and the visual aspects, but Music is the Star of the Show each day here. Make sure you do not miss the Chair Act, that is a good one, plus the Beall's Outlet for shopping.

Paris W.

Norway Showcase

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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