My pick for Cocktail Bars

My pick for Cocktail Bars

How about this place where ireland found a home right here at Disney Springs. It is a good place for some unique irish music and this place knows how to jam at night. It's a good idea to sign up for their monthly newsletter to keep track of their events.

They feature a whole bunch of these zany events which are outrageous for the cheap beer prices and dancing. It is one of my favorite Orlando beer bars because you can sit outside on the patio and watch all the people walking past that are dolled up in their Disney outfits. You'll like the food big time and the entertainment.

My favorite thing they make in the kitchen is a shrimp dish, plus they do some magical things with smoked salmon. The soup and salad combo is a great thing for the people eating healthy. It is gorgeous and that makes sense because it's part of this whole Disney Shopping mall area.
Connie Q.

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Classic Irish Shepard's Pie

We have to go to Raglan Road on your birthday weekend. That place is great for a fun time. I'm going to buy you a birthday Irish beer. They have Live Entertainment and it's always such a festive atmosphere there.

Good eating is a big part of the area. Pick between everything from checkers, Taco Bell, up to the pub bar and grill. Check for discounts and deals on the website before you head over for drinks and food.

Carmine V.

Raglan Road

1640 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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