Top parts of a day at Disney Orlando

Top parts of a day at Disney Orlando

There are certain events that we love at Disney Orlando which are just too cool to miss. One of the best attractions are the China Dancers and Artists. Wow, they put on a great show in front of the wonton restaurant. This is a free event, just look for the sign near the middle that tells you the showtimes. Let the kids sit really close to be amazed even more!
Enrique B.

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Nothing beats the Disney China Egg Rolls

Very interesting show, plus the food is really good and there are no lines when everyone is watching the action. You can walk right up and get some egg rolls (these are great) and they are very authentic. Much better than the frozen egg rolls you can buy at Publix. We like to get some to go and eat them later in the day while waiting in line for Test Track!

Kim P.

Great Areas to see and Enjoy

I thought it was great and you get the view from cosmopolitan cities, much more modern, to ancient capitals. Look closely at the surreal scenery and gardens. We like the food here too.

Valeria S.

All the Best of Shanghai

Westerners are welcomed here at Orlando, just like the real Shanghai! Walk the little streets filled with nationalities from around China, the traditional stuff. See the movie which highlights the less-traveled regions of the Country. Oh the food, just like the Dragon Court Buffet.

Belinda G.

China Showcase

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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