Making the most of Disney Themed Hotels

If you have children on your Orlando Vacation, then high on your list of things to do is swimming pool playtime! Having a big heated Swimming Pool makes your time away from the theme parks more enjoyable.

Your children will love the slide and adults take advantage of fun, food, and drinks served poolside. It was our little league baseball team trip, and we had eight rooms all right next to each other. It was big fun for our whole group. Expect the wait and ride over at about ten minutes to the Magic Kingdom.

Having the free boat transportation made it extra special. Forget the bus, that is free too, as this old fashioned boat is a real treat for all.
Benita N.

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Have it all with one Hotel

Feel like you are staying in a Great National Park, as you really are too. I loved the pool the most. What a huge place, loaded with restaurants, bars, fun, a hotel just right for families with children.

Erick L.


Cool is the fire and the grand canyon colors on the fireplace. It's one of those places that you need a minute or two to get used too. Close by is the beer bar cafe for dinner. The hotel is prime and offers a wonderfully homely feel. Happy we were and it is certainly somewhere I was happy to spend time. There are plenty of options if you do just want to kick back. There's plenty else to explore here and all Around the Swimming Pool. Look for hoof prints to be found in the sidewalks.

Whatever your planning for your first day when you check into the resort, you probably gonna have to change your plans. Once you get here you're not gonna want to leave and go directly to the Magic Kingdom Theme Park or Typhoon Lagoon. Most likely you're gonna want to take advantage of the amenities that you have right here starting with the lounge chair by the poolside bar! We did bring a lot of our own alcohol so we didn't have to spend as much money but we did get a few drinks. They make those fancy margaritas and really not a treat your vacation to the utmost.

Ernesto U.

Wilderness Resort

901 Timberline Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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