Where to Eat

Where to Eat

Tips for eating at Disney World from me are all about value and fast service. We are so busy, I am not waiting in line to eat, only for the fast rides! You will love the food in the theme parks, but let's talk about Disney Springs here. My vote is in, very good is the blaze fast fire'd Pizza cafe, part of the Disney Mall.

In Disney Springs and in need of some pizza, no need to wait long. Yes a three minute cooking process is ideal. I love good hot pizza. There are other good value spots. My picks are d-luxe burger, Earl of Sandwich, and Cookies of Dublin for the prices. Just like most Disney World restaurants, you pay a slight bit more, but get good tasty food for sure.

When you need a slice, then look no further than the blaze fast fire'd pizza! You may already be familiar with the Pizza Window and blaze fast fire'd pizza is a winner too. We love to chow with a good Italian Showcase style theme. Yeah to artisan food.

Your next trip to Disney Springs may offer you your first opportunity to try more places, as new cafes open all the time. It is hard to not stop with a pizza pie fired up in an open-flame oven in 180 seconds. There are many counter service options for ice cream, quick snacks and Disney World's food at this mega mall shopping and dining district. You will get hungrier on a Disney day with all the walking. You can Stop and get a Beer to work up more of an appetite, Checking Out the Shops and stores, just do not for get about some pizza!
Abby Y.

Disney Springs

1490 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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