Shopping at Disney

Shopping at Disney

This is Orlando's winner for Shopping near Disney World. I like here a lot and The Mall of millenia is another one to checkout. Both are great for Shopping and walking, especially if you like that kind of activity for fitness. We like to stay busy and move around a lot and this is much better than sitting at the restaurant.

Walking makes me feel sexy! This is right up there with the other outlet malls over there near Lake Buena Vista. Orlando is always evolving and the mall was a nice addition.

You can get some nice summer wearables, so sorry Key West, you might find more good stuff here. Ladies, kids and men can get swimwear, be the best at the swimming pools too! All of the attractions and events are so fun.

If you are heading to Universal Studios and the innovative Theme Parks in Orlando, it is quicker, and cause a spillover to places like millenia Shopping plaza. We love Shopping, the water parks, and Epcot Concerts and that is part of why Orlando continues to stay as Florida's most desirable destinations.
Buck P.

Disney Springs

1490 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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