Do it Right Vacations

Do it Right Vacations

This is a winner. A very special treat exclusive for being a Disney Resort guest are privileges including Extra Magic Hours. Getting the free hour is nice, whereby each day one of the Disney Theme Parks opens an hour early or stays open up to an extra three hours. You just present your hotel room key wrist band to gain Extra Magic Hour privileges.

The name of this super pool area is doubloon lagoon. I can promise you that if you love swimming and water sports, you will do maga time coming in this wonderful Swimming Pool. They keep the temperature about 84 degrees in the summer time, just the perfect temperature to cool you off a little bit but without worrying about it being too cold, which is what happens when it's about 78 degrees.

This is one of the few Disney hotel areas that I do recommend the bicycle rentals or make sure you bring your bike rack on the back of your car. Because of the way the two properties are side-by-side and how massive they are with the sidewalk system, bicycle riding is really good here.
Chelsey K.

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Doubloon Lagoon

For those with a big budget, you can actually rent a sun tracker pontoon boat. Yes you can rent a big giant boat, but they are to give you free rides with a Boat Taxi. I would skip the boat rental and save that for your Florida beach vacation.

We Highly Recommend staying at one of the hotels with the boat taxi rides such as here along the Sassagoula River. When you head out to shop, try Marshalls for shopping and Village Inn for dining.

Dario F.

French Quarter Inn

2201 Orleans Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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