Epcot Showcase Laughter Zones

Epcot Showcase Laughter Zones

We love the live events at Disney and Epcot seems to have even more of them. The comedy cast members just pop out of no where to entertain the crowds. The showcase cast members will give you extra advice and unpublished times of the event times. You can sit right in the front and enjoy a very good live event show.

The street show here is fantastic and a must see plus the food cafe. There's something good about the british food that always makes it extra tasty and maybe it's the seasoning. The chicken parmesan hoagie is really good and I love hot marinara sauce on a toasted hoagie roll with provolone and parmesan cheeses.

One of the best-selling things you can buy at the United Kingdom showcase is the ribeye steak sandwich which is plenty big and you can actually split it between two people with get the french fries.
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The ribeye steak sandwich is topped off with hot onions and mushrooms that I've been grilled and they put that on a toasted bread of your choice which is traditionally the kaiser roll.

There is a nice looking british Sports Bar kiwis pub just up the street in Altamonte Springs. I just wanted to show you, as an option. Prices are good and they have something to watch while eating. We also like the Tasty China Restaurant for dining.

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