Very Satisfied with the Resort

Very Satisfied with the Resort

The value resorts at Disney Orlando are extremely comfy and are all you need. No Swimming Pool slides, is something we can live without. The higher priced hotels have slides and more bars to take your money! We are on the go all day long. We put on our sneakers and sunscreen, then we bolt for the theme parks. A clean room is a must-have, All-Star Music sure had that.
Monty J.

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Calypso Building

When you book your hotel at the All-Star Music Resort, make sure you request the Calypso Building, as it is the best location of the complex. You will likely have to pay the preferred room tax, but if you don't mind the extra costs, the view from up top looking down is really beautiful. Whenever we were inside the hotel room, we were pretty much hanging around near the window or the door entrance so we could hear and see what's going on around the Swimming Pool. If you're bringing young boys or girls, it's kind of nice just to keep them in the kind of clothing that they can get wet in, instead of changing back and forth. When they come out of the pool their swim trunks will dry out very quickly and there's really no need to change into something else. An hour or two later after dinner or whatever the next activity is, you will be back in the Swimming Pool, trust me!

Damien P.

All-Star Music

1801 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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