Fans of the Thrill Rides

Fans of the Thrill Rides

It is such a fun time to get out and run fast like the classic racers. You will get some training time in on the big Orlando Speedway Track. What a rush and right on the way to the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. It is our top pick for Top Orlando Rides, but they moved it to Daytona Beach.

Over the years we became a little more and more of the Nascar fans and that led us to this adventure. Most everybody does a normal things when you're going to Orlando, but there are some Special Events for some added thrills and this is certainly one of them.

Going fast is a lot of fun on the Aerosmith Ride, everybody knows that, just some people can't stomach it. We started getting into the race track stuff over there at Disney Quest, where they have all kinds of car racing games to play all day and they are fun.
Julia J.

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Race Track

After I learned about the opportunity to take advantage of the Nascar race cars here on the track, that was a no-brainer. You need to put this in your budget, just had a little money for a speed thrill like no other. They teach you first and don't just take you in the car so it's up more like a two hour thing and that's where the value comes in. Count our vote for Bj's Wholesale Club for Shopping deals and Howard Johnson for Hotel staying.

Quintin A.

Disney Speedway

3450 North World Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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