Get bit of Inspiration

Get bit of Inspiration

Thank goodness for all the inside stuff, as I have to admit it does get a little more hot here in Florida. The weather's hot but we actually love it, but if you're doing lots of walking outside it's nice that you have these indoor attractions. I remember this and the wonderful paintings.

This is the area where you wait for a few minutes before the big show begin. Just think about it for a minute, your kids will actually get an education on your day to the theme parks!

Very impressive it is because walt really thought about things. He wanted people to keep the Big Smiles on all day and for children to actually get an education into the world. Just go over to the Epcot World Showcase where you get even more of an educational perspective just on a worldly basis. We like the Magic Kingdom, and I think it's good For all Ages. Of course the younger children get the best of it all.
Clarissa G.

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Big Theatrical and Animatronics Show

The Hall of Presidents is all about learning, a neat place to take younger kids. You can really cool off here, it is inside and so is the waiting area, they sing in here too. It is a big theatrical and animatronics show, where many of the Presidents of the United States speak to the crowd.

Another thing we learned is probably most people should do the theme parks one day, and then try something different. It's a great town with lots of activities and shopping. If you get Hungry when you're out and about try BJ's Brewhouse as it is excellent and the prices are good for the beer and the food. There are so many good places to eat, and you will need it after all of the walking during the day.

Kirsten R.

Hall of Presidents

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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