Get Extra Theme Park Hours

Get Extra Theme Park Hours

This one is not a cheap one, but not over the top with the hotel price point either. We have been staying here over the years, and it all depends on when you make your reservation. Summer in Florida is the real deal and steal on Orlando Hotel Discounts. How the Moderate Priced disney hotels Stack up, the Answer is excellent.

The Coronado Springs Swimming Pool is impressive in every regard. The first time you walk through the lobby area and head out and see the pool, it will get you to smile. It's a good idea to wear your wet shoes, or beach shoes, otherwise known as wet wearable shoes.

It is a good example, as you go through the lobby you can first thing stick your feet in the water. Of course the swimming pools are heated and maintain to a nice temperature so that everybody is happy even your stomach when it hits the water.
Suzette P.

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Coronado Springs Swimming Pool

I love the resort, with a deep water marina and motorboats you can rent. It's really nice and easy to stay here with complimentary self parking. The parking lot is huge, and you will not have a problem getting a spot like some of the hotels that with the parking garages around International Drive.

be careful driving in this town. I got into an accident. However, It is not done yet, but my insurance adjuster has heard both sides, seen photos of both cars, and he has declared me as Not At Fault! The key are the photos, which show the impact on the front of the other car into the rear corner of my car! It is not done yet, but that is a good start! It is time to celebrate with a meal and drinks at Sushi Tomi cafe!

Josh I.

Coronado Springs

1001 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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