Out on the Disney Farm

Out on the Disney Farm

At the Disney Camping Resort, it is time for the lush outdoor camping, Disney style! Take your pick, RV, tent, or pop-up camper sites. Another option are the very comfortable rustic-style cabins, surrounded by serene forest. Best of all is Fort Wilderness is right in the middle of the Walt Disney World Complex, so you are very close to the theme parks, water parks, and numerous shopping and dining options.
Laverne N.

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Camping Land with Children

During the day and evening, the Disney Camp Parks & Recreation Department has several day camp options. These things are really fun and kids love the games. It is so nice that they are available to help keep your children happy, playing, and fully engaged in the camping experience and having fun.

Moshe K.

Campground with Golf Carts

We also rented a golf cart for the stay, but that is pricey. Bikes would be better, as you do plenty of shuttling things from the cabin to the pool. The golf carts are a hoot for riding around the property.

Kelsey L.

Camping is Fun

I love Fort Wilderness because of the price tag of the camp sites. Each cabin has its own wooden deck area with a table and seats and is surrounded by large trees and greenery. Getting to the parks from Fort Wilderness is enjoyable-fun. I absolutely love all things mickey.

The meadow Trading Post is the closest store to the camp sites and Quiznos.com subs is close. The main pool is located in roughly the center of the resort and is quite large. You can book camp sites up to a year in advance.

Cherry B.

Fort Wilderness

4510 North Fort Wilderness Trail
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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