Giant Ferris Wheel

Giant Ferris Wheel

Doing the best rides at the Theme Parks, now has a whole new dimension. This giant ferris wheel is really special, and so family friendly. You go up high and your heart will start to beat faster as you climb higher.

Yes it is very stimulating to go sky high in the air above it all. I do think this is something that might freak some people out, but most people will just calmly enjoy the view with a few extra heartbeats per minute. The event lasts for about thirty minutes but with the boarding and the pre-flight cinema experience, you get a lot to stimulate your brain. I like fast rides such as Expedition Everest but it is better to go on these rides which last a long time ago very high. We all know that some of the Theme Park Rides last about three minutes total, even though there stimulating, but this is thirty minutes worth of action.

You can pay a little extra and get the vip experience and priority boarding. By paying the premium ticket price you get a glass of champagne to toast your wonderful trip up into the sky, so pick a date and time and book it. This thing is pretty neat just to look at up close and see how it was built.

I guess this is an engineering marvel, at least it sure seems that way to me. We booked a room at the Embassy Suites and were on the seventh floor and could look out of our hotel room and see this wonderful artwork in the sky. All new people to the Orlando vacation area need to come here and do this for sure.
Selena Y.

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