Daily Entertainment Explosion

Daily Entertainment Explosion

Only in Orlando can you travel on a daring space mission to save the toy universe! That is correct, you save us all from the sinister Emperor Zurg. This fantastic Tomorrowland Ride is a blast and open seven days a week. You are never to old to spin and fire your personal laser cannon to score points. Lines move very quick here, which is nice too. Good luck, Space Rangers!
Doug A.

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Buzz Lightyear

It is a great day for parents with kids that enjoy the rides. The entertainment is very good For all Ages. I would put the Space Ranger Spin ride as one of the better ones for small children because it is interactive and you score points. Most kids want to see the scorecard at the end of the ride and can compare it to everybody else. I think the fact that there is a way to score points every time you shoot down one of these aliens is a really good concept for small children. Most of the small children rides are just the fantasy and enjoyment but there's not a lot of skill or scoring involved. Maybe this is a better ride for boys, but young girls will very much get into the shooting gallery game. Everybody likes to be in a space battle no matter what age you are so the parents will have a good time on the ride as well.

Lucy J.

Buzz Lightyear Ride

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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