How Fast can you Go

How Fast can you Go

Through the mists of Asia at Animal Kingdom is the fastest of the Disney Orlando Rides, Expedition Everest. Only about 40% of visitors to the park will actually get on this ride. It is a high-speed train through the Himalaya Mountains. Way up you go and then zoom down backwards.

Also, be on the lookout for the treacherous Yeti. This ride is fantastic. Impressive is this mountain ride that was turned into a roller coaster! You can tell it goes pretty much straight up, not 180 degrees straight up, enough to scare you plenty.

I love this and the view of the mountain top just as an aesthetic viewpoint. The Photopass people have a bunch of different stations nearby with this beautiful view in the background. When you're in Florida and you can stand in front of a mountain that has snowcapped tops, you found something special.
Johnny Y.

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Mountain Ride

It was a good day and make sure you go on the Wet Ride Winners. With the kids I would recommend the petting Zoo and do not miss the Jungle Walk Tour. Great for adults and the children is to See the Big Tigers.

Most important is to come on a nice day where you are comfortable in short sleeve clothing. If it's hot out, do have a big hat on, maximize your cooling on your Florida vacation. For clothing, try Bloomingdale's which has everything for shopping.

Jaclyn D.

Expedition Everest

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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