Travel with Mickey Mouse

Travel with Mickey Mouse

The hotel experience is really good at the big resorts in Orlando. It is time to start thinking about taking a disney vacation. It will be nice to use the pools now that the weather is warmer and it will be fun to just relax at Disney. I am going to look into staying at one of the disney resorts on the Boat Taxi line. We like to drink alcohol and let the cast members drive us around.
Kaitlyn C.

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Free Boat Rides

The free Boat Rides are a huge amenity and that is why I would recommend being on the river. Not all of the hotels at Disney World are on a river waterway where the captain does the driving and you get to have a cocktail in hand. It is an exceptional upgrade, without paying extra and there is no tipping at Disney. The hotel resort policy is that you'll have to never tip anything at all if you don't want to. Trust me you paid plenty, maybe three hundred dollars or four hundred dollars a night for one of these fancy deluxe rooms. I do like the all-star resorts, which are more around one hundred dollars a night, could be less or could be more depending on the time of the year. When you stay in the cheap resorts, you get no boat rides!

Jared K.

Disney Hotel Boat Taxis

4600 North World Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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