Ride a Pony

Ride a Pony

When your kids see the ponies and horses, the smiles come out and the fun begins! Our local Kissimmee resident friends had done the trail riding before and told us about places like freedomride.com to rent a horse and ponies. Weight and size is a big deal, so you do not pick the horse, rather the cast member will pair you with your pre saddled horse. I asked about other places in the area and the cast member said she had a good time at lafincastables.com horse farm, so we might do that soon. It is not just the children, big horses are waiting to ride.

Newbies will likely be very apprehensive, but just get on and go! Do not kick the horse like matt dillion of gunsmoke tv tvland.com show fame or you will be off like Astro Orbiter! I like horses now, since it was my first time at fifty two years old. They are big for adults and nicely sized small for the children to ride. Do not worry too much about these large animals, even the ponies weigh three hundred pounds plus. The cast members were wonderful with everyone, and they will take your photo on the saddle.

Even the little ones eventually got cozy with their ride. Do not yell or be too loud when you mount your horse or off you go at full speed! The people running the farm focus on the safety of both the guests and animals, so you cannot screw this up. Go do this and everyone will love it just like a night or two at Fort Wilderness Resort! Tri-Circle-D Ranch is one of the best things ever for us in all of greater Orlando.
Toney M.

Tri-Circle-D Ranch

4510 North Fort Wilderness Trail
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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