Lake Buena Vista Campground

Lake Buena Vista Campground

Oh my goodness is this the spot for Orlando camping. The bus and Boat Taxi are excellent and go late to the wee hours. Adults and children will eat this up in a big rv. The Boat Rides to Disney makes it so easy to get around. I love the bicycle and golf cart rental program right at the campground. A lot of the rv people bring their own golf cart.
Iva L.

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This Orlando campground gets the highest ratings possible, and so we just had to do it. What surprised us is we had no idea that the canoe rides were going to be the best thing that we did the entire week. It is just a beautiful area in central Florida as they have the cutest streams that gently stroll and head in some direction continuously, so you always want to go downstream. There's a bunch of places around the area where you can go on one hour to four hour type canoe trips, and they pick you up and bring you back to your car. You can actually do overnight canoe trips but that's a little bit much for us, so we were pretty happy by staying here Fort Wilderness. We wanted to be really active and get a lot of exercise but a lot of people just love this Campground with Golf Carts so they can drink some ice cold busch beer and cruise around in the Orlando electric golf carts all day. Rent or buy a cart from and use it here. You can actually Ride a Pony and oh my goodness is the Swimming Pool fantastic. Do not forget about the wonderful Orlando area canoe trips.

Anton Z.

Fort Wilderness

4510 North Fort Wilderness Trail
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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