Magic Kingdom Golf Hotel

Magic Kingdom Golf Hotel

This is why we are here, Orlando is famous for its sprawling greens and world-class golf and it is right at the hotel. Enjoy the coolest 18-hole championship Golf Course which is located conveniently for you to use, right next to the hotel. You are here within the vicinity of the Magic Kingdom. Just a sweet overall experience for golfers staying along side of the Magnolia Golf course.
Homer E.

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Pretty much this is the perfect place to stay and the price is right. Orlando vacations are all about a lot of homework, unless you trust your first decision or just go with the chain hotel. That's part of why we picked this Disney destination, mainly because of the location. Anytime you can pick something that allows you to walk to one of the theme parks, you've got something good there. Of course here you can jump on the Monorail and that will zoom you up to the Epcot World Showcase and the french bakery superquick.

I would definitely try to bring your own or beer of choice and buy it at one of the local stores where it's not so expensive. I see that the hess gas station company has something going on with Disney, because when you're at any of the hotels down here. There's a hess station and no other choices on disney property. Stop at for a cocktail night out. We definitely recommend getting out and doing some of the things if you have time. We came down here to search for some good deals on and the Orlando golf courses and we found plenty. The magnolia course here at the hotel is excellent but it's nice to go to a different place each day if golf is your target.

Kirk Y.

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1950 Magnolia Palm Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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