Magic Kingdom Rodeo Show

Magic Kingdom Rodeo Show

How fun it is to be a cactus as part of the street dance show! One of the very best things that the Disney cast members do is bring people from the stands or the sidelines depending on what type of event that you are witnessing.

They do this type of thing at the Lion King show and even on the Main Street Stage. Things are a lot better when you have the opportunity to participate in some great event, it will make you laugh for the rest of the day. It's the Memory Making, and I think they want to make sure that every single person that comes here to visit gets an opportunity to be in the show.

Even on the rides at the very end they take your photograph at some scary moment when you're probably panicking like on Splash Mountain. Those are really good photographs that they take for you, which is another way for memory making so you will love this place even more. We do like it and will continue to come periodically when they have the specials for the Florida Resident Discount tickets.
Shelton O.

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Daily Cowboy Rodeo Show

We just laughed and laughed at those zany dancing characters. Frontierland is something special like the daily cowboy rodeo show. They let people from the audience get out and be part of the event.

I love Woody's Cowboy Camp and the haunted house is great too. All the music and surprises makes the theme park awesome! In town, we like Trader Joe's for shopping and the Residence Inn for Staying Overnight.

Trudy S.

Cowboy Camp

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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