Ride Down the Jungle River

Ride Down the Jungle River

This was only a ten minute wait and we really go on the boat faster than that. It actually goes pretty quick, a creative performance and a sure thing with small children. Big kids will want to skip this attraction and head over to Space Mountain or Big Thunder. Remember, the Magic Kingdom is much more younger child focused, as compared to the other Orlando area theme parks.
Muriel Y.

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Take lots of Video for after the Trip

It would be best to only watch the Disney Movie Videos after your trip, and to share with friends. Before your trip, look at everything else but stuff here. You want to see it with fresh eyes, and the jokes are much better. Trust me on this Disney tip of the day!

Dollie S.

Great Cast Members at the Theme Parks

Being a cast member has got to be tough, when a bunch of zany boys gets into the boat. Most people are good, and play along with the cast members act. A few kids will always do something stupid, like jump out of the boat. Yes, it happens once or so a week. It makes the local news.

Jay E.

Jungle Cruise

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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