Restaurant Row

Restaurant Row

Florida is famous for places for food, as seafood is the star of Treasure Island Beach and Orlando is gaining grown as an equal food vacation destination. Here you get more uniqueness, which is a blessing! I think most everybody would like the dining experience that you get here in Japan, which was one of the best I've had of the many Orlando restaurants we've eaten at over the years. The Epcot restaurants are just the best for a special family experience.

This is a wonderful area for dining and you don't even have to go to the Epcot restaurant row to find some fabulous places to go out and eat or just have cocktails, or may be dance a little bit. For the lucky people that live in this area, I know a large percentage of them have the Disney annual pass just so they can do some of the special things like going to the free music concerts and the food.

I think the Japanese food is my favorite of all. If you get a dish like the sushi, be ready to smile. It will just amaze me, each time they put it in front of me and I see how Colorful it is created. These are the kind of dishes you don't want to eat too fast right away because you just want to look at it for a little bit as a piece of art on its own. I've never been one to photograph food really ever, although I tried it a couple of times.

This is one place that the next time I come in a have my camera ready so I can stand up and aim down and get a couple of snapshots of these dishes and the way they are presented. It's the ambience that does it for me with everything so pretty and they have that cooking style where the chef will be right in front of you and do fun things. They are really good about tossing their utensils and the food around very creatively. Anything that's cooked over open flame in front of you is a good thing and well worth the experience.

We would put this in the budget every time and you might want to try some of the great oriental fast food restaurants liike we have in town so you can put some in the Hotel Refrigerator. Having a refrigerator in the room like they do here at Disney is a good thing for people that like to eat a lot because we always have mega leftovers. I think we let the menu and our eyes get to big when we order, so leftovers are just part of every standard meal no matter how yummy it is. You might want to try that shogun Japanese Steakhouse in Orlando, as it's a good one.
Alta T.


1510 Avenue Of The Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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