Making your Hotel Selection

Making your Hotel Selection

Everyone shows off the pool so let me show you some inside pleasures at the hotel. There is all sorts of interesting things inside of the lobby and around the grounds, plus what nice alcohol servicing Disney bars with strong pour cocktails. You will love the lobby, gift shop, and all the fancy things everywhere. From your hotel room it is easy to get around with many choices of where to go to play when not theme parking hopping. Last year we stay at the not too far away Fairfield suites and it was just fine but this is way better.

We all want to feel pampered when we're on vacation and Orlando is good for that. The lounge overlooks the Main Lobby below, and is located on the sixth floor. We got a studio that had a wonderful view of the savanna. Best it is to be in a disney vacation Club facility. Perhaps the best benefit to staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge is the opportunity to take various tours. The bus is a winner, which was very convenient. The balcony stretched the entire length of the villa. That night was very special though, with a wonderful view of illuminations from the balcony.

All we had to do is spend about a half hour browsing through the different photos on the Animal Kingdom Lodge website and it really got us to smile. It's important to spend some time doing your homework when you're heading down to Florida because it's a big financial decision and you want to pick the right hotel to make it perfect. Some people like to put a little checklist together of the must-have amenities and that seems like a pretty good idea to me. I would put on the must-have amenity list the Free Transportation so you can have cocktails in the afternoon by the pool and get a little buzz going before you head back to the nighttime theme park pleasures. There's nothing like having a good buzz on and going over and doing It's a Small World and everybody will have a great time!

This is one vacation where you want to cut loose and not just be a fuddy-duddy like my grandparents when they came with this last time. People need to be expressive and go for the best of time so let loose. It's one of those places that when you check-in you will be happy right from the beginning, especially if you get a shady spot in the parking lot!
Daphne Y.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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