Mickey Mouse Games Arcade

Mickey Mouse Games Arcade

It is a nice place, totally different than all the other local Theme Parks. A really tall building, do not get lost inside. Make sure all the kids have a meeting spot. House of Blues bar is family friendly and right there across from the entrance to the electronics play park. The picks at the Arcade Center are gaming sessions and laser tag!

Yeah to electronics play! Kids can do electronics play while the parents shop and browse Disney Springs, yeah! It was the right decision for sure.

If it rains at Disney, go here. This is not a travel to the theme parks vacation day at all. This is a stay at home day or play some games inside. We wanted to see the Greenhouse Epcot Ride today, plus eat lunch in Mexico, but rain has us playing indoor games.
Lauren G.

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Indoor Recreation

This indoor Recreation Center is the best for a rainy day. What fun is Orlando. We did a condo rental this trip, as they are pet friendly. It was hey crazy-neighbor with a bad dog! I would skip the pet friendly places, trust me.

The one thing I do not like is all the keys you get with a condo rental. A key for the entrance, storage shed, parking garage, tennis courts, and Swimming Pool! Do you have a bunch of nail colors? I need to color code the keys for the four different locks. If so, can you pull out four completely different colors. Set them out on the mini refrigerator.

Pop Century does it better. I just want to put a drop of different colors on each key, so I can identify it. Please set the colors out, if you can, so the next time I am over the color key coding can be completed. Thanks, mild neighbor.

Byron E.


1580 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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