Camping with Small Children at Disney

Camping with Small Children at Disney

Kids are happy here, and I mean big time. I remember when I was eleven and stayed here with my little league baseball team. Wow, this is some of the better Orlando area camping spots. Keep the Smiles On, you will do lots all day.

Kick off the summer with a kid-friendly adventure at Disney! Yes, we just had to stay here and take advantage of the fun. Loved the buggy rides, canoe rides, nightly shows, and the great pool area.

I think the really Big Pools are the best. You get all the value from the swimming. Try to get groceries away from the camp shops, as they are too pricey. Go to Aldi store or the Walmart to get Food and Beer.
Luisa O.

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Mickey Mouse Camping

Kids of all ages will enjoy staying here at this place. The bathrooms are a lot better than I thought and much better than any campground ever been to. No mildew and yes it has hot water! Do bring bicycles, the pathways that surround this part of the disney property are terrific. Mountain bikers can take a ride on the horse trails.

John N.

Orlando Camping Winner

Please pick out your baked chicken wing recipe as I will bring over a bunch of chicken as we discussed. Wings and camping is a winner just like Aladdin on the Magic Carpet Ride. This is with a gallon bag to mix flour and spices prior to baking. That is a great thing to have after camping or working on your house, fixing and painting.

My house is looking great and is the opposite of dusty, now squeaky clean. I got a wood floor micro fiber mop, lysol spray aplenty in and around, plus mega elbow grease to clean it top to bottom. There are no bugs, no ants, and the backyard looks like Fort Wilderness campground. You are going to be pleased, trust me!

Zelda Q.

Fort Wilderness

4510 North Fort Wilderness Trail
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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