Waterfront Disney Resort

Waterfront Disney Resort

This is a really pretty place, and it shows you how well Disney does with hotel theming. When you're here entering the grounds heading towards the room, you don't really feel like you're in a hotel environment. This is more like Condo Style living, with the refrigerator in standard rooms plus the microwave.

You can pay more if you need a kitchenette, Disney is really good with sweets and kitchens but you pay more. Most the time we were enjoying the outside area and had Super Times with Pool Play. Getting wet is what it's all about and there is a great central area called Old Port Royale, so it's quick and easy to get food and cocktails.

You really can't go wrong with the Disney experience as it is A Winner for Guests. Once you stay at one or two of the resorts around the Disney properties, you will be hooked. The best thing is to have Plenty of Recreation Options so you are still smiling when you return from the theme parks.
Alice B.

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We Picked Caribbean Beach

After a few different trips to Orlando, we realized how important the Swimming Pool is to the overall resort package. This last trip we picked Caribbean Beach. The reason, what an unbelievable hotel feature when they are huge.

Having a poolside bar for food, beer, and Mexican Nachos makes it really nice. Good service, and a friendly staff. In town, we loved Rooms to Go for shopping and Thai Singha for dining.

taking video was really fun. Wind noise is tough on video taping, so be ready. I like to take stereo video of the rides and shows. Therefore my commentary will produce sound out of both left and right channels. Looks like I can use this technique to just use my audio on some of the clips yesterday in Tomorrowland and Main Street parade. The Fill Left tool will duplicate the audio on the left channel and put it in the right channel, discarding the right channel information.

Rhea S.

Caribbean Beach

900 Cayman Way
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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