Educational Animal Training

Educational Animal Training

The best education experience ever for our children, they asked a zillion important questions and had that keen learning-ear that we just love to see. For us in Orlando, we can take full advantage of the residential annal pass. Realistically, we use Disney as a Free Educational Resource on a semi-weekly basis. It is all for our child's educational growth.

The emphasis on animals is really cool. We were very impressed at the amount of learning that the children and adults will do during your day. For sure you should have on your very best walking shoes because that is how you get around. There's a train ride and of course different exhibits, but mostly you will be walking unless you rent one of those electric scooters.

To me it's fantastic to be walking around all day because you're burn a lot of calories on vacation. What could be better than getting in better shape while you're having fun at the same time. At the end of the day you will have lots a room leftover if you want to go to the Hooters chicken wing restaurant for example!
Christoper Y.

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Playful Activities

Of course, fun and playful activities can be found throughout all the parks at Disney Orlando, but for kids this is our top pick for the area. WDW is a dream, and not just the Kingdom or Epcot. It is the whole town, we love the city and went to a Basketball Game. Yes, also good is Fun Trips to the City Center.

Britney B.

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