My Lunch pick at Epcot

My Lunch pick at Epcot

The food is good and the view is even better. You can see all of the restaurants that surround this giant lake here at Epcot. It is outdoor seating in a patio style environment that makes this fish and chips bar special. Very family-friendly, even with all the bass ale stein beer drinking.

I would definitely recommend this particular restaurant as the food is outstanding. We don't really have any restaurants in our city that I know of that have a fish and chips dish like this, and everything comes out hot and not greasy at all. I normally don't get fried foods but I want to try some of the different authentic foods.

I probably won't ever make it over to london england so this was a good opportunity to have something special, and it goes great with the harp lager beer. They sell a really good large sugar cookie if you need a snack, which you can split with somebody and get a little sweet tooth action.
Heidi W.

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Fish and Chips

They have outdoor tables with umbrellas to help you get out of the sun and it's very shady because of the big oak trees along the lake. You might have to wait two or three minutes to order, but the food comes out pretty much instantly and is so hot and tasty.

Beefy King is 10 minutes away from East End Market. Church Street and Wahlburgers is 10 minutes away from Beefy King. We should be able to get around pretty quickly. And we can bike around Lake Eola. There is a path that goes around the lake.

Katie G.

Yorkshire Fish Shop

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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