Mini Golf

Mini Golf

We are heading to Orlando so I wanted to see if I could get some discount coupons for the miniature golf. They have golf of every kind in Orlando starting with the Magnolia Golf Course which is prime time right next to the Magic Kingdom. I don't want anything to do with that stuff, no golf carts, just the putter and the ability to win a free beer if I get a hole in one!

If you searching google for Orlando miniature golf course suggestions you get an article that says they know exactly what the top five many golf courses in Orlando are and have the list. Hallelujah, this is just that I was looking for. I know they put a brand-new cool place over there next to Citywalk. I don't want to do that golf at Citywalk because when I'm at Citywalk there's more things to do that are far greater than miniature golf.

Rated so highly is Pirates Cove and it is sweet! We like all the mini golf Orlando locations. Congo River Golf is a winner too and that's the place for you can actually pet the alligator. I've been to Winter Summerland and played there it is fantastic and that's a top five rated place for miniature golf in Orlando.

Of course you been to International Drive and seen Pirates Cove. It is great, the big miniature golf course right there in the middle of the action. My next target is Fantasia Gardens miniature golf right smack in the middle of Walt Disney World. From what I've heard this is the big time best of the best, after Pirates Cove. Thank goodness I found it and now I just need to figure out how to get a discount price!
Darryl Z.

Pirates Cove

8501 International Drive
Orlando FL 32819

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