Quick Service Food

Quick Service Food

Eating out in Orlando is all about entertainment dining restaurants. Forget about the normal old style restaurant with four walls, and your only entertainment is your server. The eye candy is everywhere with the beautiful lakefront entertainment zone view.

The restaurant is situated right next to the lake where all the Disney boats go back and forth, plus people can rent things from the marina. Much more entertaining is going out to eat when you have nice things to look at while you sip on your cocktails and savor the food. Take your order and get a picnic table on the lake.

What a menu with loads of yummy choices. My preference are the pizzas, because I like finger food that you can share amongst people. Go ahead, get a pasta dish, just get a couple of extra forks and some side dishes, because everybody needs to nibble on everything.

That might be the secret to eating at a great restaurant like this, ask for a stack of side dishes so you don't have to eat off each other's food and get to share in all of the flavors. We got a table by the lake outside, what a view, and that was the best part about it. You will like the Pizza, just take a second once it's delivered to look at how cool it is with all the colors. Fun and a great place is about eating with a smile!
Rick P.

Wolfgang Puck

1482 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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