Kids vote this the Top Disney Resort

Kids vote this the Top Disney Resort

Good rooms and service, plenty clean. Close to Hollywood Studios because it is a Movie Resort. Go with the best ride, Star Tours. Take the bus over. The star tour ride returns to the starting position, and you launch! After, the boarding ramps lower, and you and your big smile exit Star Tours and head to the Tower of Terror with your fastpass in hand! Hope that helps!

A Orlando Value Resort, one that will make you and your wallet smile. Close to everything, and perfect for those that use a hotel room very little. An entertainment and a super hotel Swimming Pool it is.

This hotel is the kind of place that is far superior to most of the fancy resorts on International Drive. Value resorts at Disney Orlando have very handy refrigerators in each room. You will save plenty of cash by bring snacks, wine, and beer so your money goes to clothing and gifts.

Super fast early check-in was something we did not expect, a great surprise to start the day. That is nice. Look for Mickey Mouse to show up at the hotel, he knows he can rest in your yard. Value resorts at Disney Orlando are prime time.
Joan K.

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Happy with a Really Nice Orlando Vacation

We started to book at the Boardwalk Resort, but inquired about some thing a bit less expensive. What if we take it down one more level, to the Value Resort and they are still fantastic. The rides are better than ever here, and we sure used the fastpass land ratio. You know, like tomorrow land. Getting the fastpass down to the land is good to know. Perhaps there is a better term, rather than land.

I wonder what the fastpass ride to non-fastpass ride ratio is. Can you tell I used to be into math. What a great idea, to figure out each park's fpr or fastpass ratio! I think I just came up with something. Do take advantage of the Disney resort.

Georgette B.

Movie Resort

1991 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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