Over the Top for Everything

Over the Top for Everything

Better than the TV Video, it is top notch here. It was an amazing disney vacation, as the Dolphin Resort is unbelievable. The views, service, and restaurant selection were excellent. This is where the disney resorts and Theme Parks meet. Best yet, you can walk to and from Orlando Movie Studios.

Stay at the Disney Dolphin in the middle of the fun! They really have a beautiful outside area for you to enjoy. You don't have to bring towels down from the hotel room because they have a huge cart that has all that you need, just ask near the pool area. Actually serve drinks and cocktails to you as a server will come around and take your order. One thing you should know is the food size is not that plentiful.

I really am glad we stopped and I got a giant to the sub at the Subway restaurant which is not far away and stuck it in the refrigerator inside the hotel room. We brought it out by the Swimming Pool and that was the perfect thing to eat because it was plenty full and cheap. The fish tacos we got were kind of skimpy but tasty. Off-site eating is the way to go at the theme parks as well, and there's plenty of good places to go around town like Sushi Tomi for dining and Asian Market at Ucf for shopping.
Nellie E.

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Lakefront Hotel

We are gearing up for another great trip to Orlando. Theme Park vacations are a lot better than anything else you can do and are equal to a Florida beachfront vacation. What you get at the disney hotels is a little bit of both. I notice from that wonderful photograph you can see the beach part of this hotel, which is right next to the swimming pools.

They have two swimming pools here, actually more than that if you count the guest pools or otherwise known as the quiet pools. The palm trees are amazing and so calming, making you feel like you're at the beach here with the white sand.

I have to admit that our family tends to have a lot better time here at these resorts over a traditional place like the Marriott or the Hilton. The main thing you want to do is get your magicbands right away, and start taking advantage of the Disney freebies.

Alyssa K.

Disney World Dolphin

1500 Epcot Resort Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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