Balcony Room

Balcony Room

The number one preference for us when selecting a Disney hotel room are the balcony views. Why not make every moment special even when you're back in your hotel room. Having a view and not just four walls is a big deal and does add a lot of extra specialness to the occasion. The opportunity for something a little bit better is important for birthday trips, weddings, and of course any anniversary party Celebration.

We came in November and it was really nice because we can keep the doors open to the balcony just about every moment that we were back in the room. I like the fact that they have a miniature refrigerator and even the places like the value resorts. This hotel is extra special because you get to walk to so many things.

Trying to pick from the different locations is the hard part and Adults will Love the Bar area at all of the moderate and upscale hotels. There is no time for the South Beach Diet at Disney since you will be walking and doing the rides all day will burn a lot of calories.

When you get back to your hotel room it's nice to be able to relax in style. We actually snuck our kitty cat in this particular room, because he is not a Lion King kitty and does not meow. The disney hotels have a no pet policy so remember that.

I figured if something happened and we got caught we would take it to the pet care facility, but that did not happen so everything worked out fantastic and we loved everything. Staying here is good because Epcot is the Best Dining spot in town and you get to walk to it!
Henry J.

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Rooms with a View

Cats love the balcony rooms, as we did the same thing. It was a good night for kitty. He went out earlier and then he hung out with me and ate. He is on the balcony with the door closed now for a few minutes.

I have the broom ready to go out there from now on too, if I need it to keep the leaves off. I love Disney TV in the rooms. Orlando brighthouse news thirteen now has banks reporting on Theme Park happenings. Banks got a job at news thirteen!

Stefan N.

Boardwalk Inn

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