Travel Help

Travel Help

One of the best things going for travel help in planning is the Chamber of Commerce visitor center. Located on International Drive and actually quite a few locations around town, are representatives of the chamber that will help you out with questions and concerns about your vacation. Perhaps the best thing is they have loads of coupons and discounts at the center.

This is the place you want to go on your first day here so you can take advantage of all these coupons. Get your questions answered, and pick up a zillion different types of pamphlets and things to do. They are excellent about explaining the various types of Disney ticket options, or SeaWorld trips, and everything about Universal Studios parking to rides.

If you're in the area, it only takes a minute or two to stop in and it is well worth the effort. The people that work in these offices are excellent, and cater to helping you maximize your vacation pleasures and for hotel finding.

The city of Orlando offers so much more than Disney. Yes, we are disney nuts! However, you need to checkout our list of stuff to do. Yes, from shopping to football or from zoos to golf courses, as we like to share our fun spots around Lake Buena Vista and Orlando. Enjoy a wide range of attractions for laugh and play!
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The spot to go for Orlando Smiles

This area is loaded with restaurants, plus Downtown Disney is not far away. It is Always a Winner, but the traffic can get rough sometimes. A bicycle actually works better to get around. Mini Golf (putt-putt) is super on International Drive.

Dwain H.

We Love Orlando

You may have heard about the world's tallest rollercoaster on the corner of sand lake road. The fun stuff, mini Golf Play, and all the restaurants is making the area a Must Do! The folks at Universal Studios are mad but they have the volcano waterpark almost done.

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Chamber of Commerce

7557 West Sand Lake Road
Orlando FL 32819

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