Playzone for Mickeys Kids

Playzone for Mickeys Kids

This is the spot parents get to relax a bit at the Magic Kingdom Orlando. We like the play zones, as the children play under supervision of the Disney cast members. Very fun for kids under ten is the Magic Kingdom Park. Some places just know how to do fun right. Kids will have a big smile on all day.

Small kids need to be able to run around a little bit. You can just push them in a stroller or they will get to rambunctious. It's very nice that there's lots of creative places for them to maximize their experience. This is fun because you don't have to wait at all like some of the rides even the pint sized rollercoasters. Don't forget to get some good photography of everything that happens with your children.

I think I've have some of the best photographs of my life and it all happened here with the Colorful backgrounds and the Big Smiles on the faces. We also stopped at the JCPenney store while we were in town and got some really good deals on Disney clothing to take back home. Next year were gonna come for the Wine Festival and I have to complement also the Cheesecake Factory as that place is excellent for the family out in Orlando.
Teddy P.

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Entertaining for Small Kids

Really entertaining for small kids is this area. You know your kids want to climb, jump, and do the rides and that is what this particular part was designed for. I say go ahead let them run around because me as a parent I get to chill out for a little while on a picnic bench and watch the kids enjoy themselves. I just have to take a ten minute break every now and then because of all the walking, but the kids they have the energy. It's fun being at a hotel close by and we picked a good one. The Magic Kingdom is better when you are close.

A good one to stay for families is the Contemporary Resort. Orlando hits gold with the hotels which is great for our family. Sports enthusiasts types and children that like outdoor recreation will like the scene here. Spend delightful days pursuing Theme Parks or their favorite sports: swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and Fishing. All here at the hotel. Inside, plenty of bars and restaurants to suit every taste and budget, and the Boardwalk is not far.

Sonia J.

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