Polynesian Resort Entrance Area

Polynesian Resort Entrance Area

Disney is known for the mickey and the Magic Kingdom, but fantastic resorts like this are wonderful. Being at a beach resort with huge pools is very nice to do. The barefoot pool bar provides the extra juice and sizzle to your Florida vacation. This is a first class caribbean themed resort, perfect for unwinding after the theme parks. We are so happy with a super fun hotel loaded with watersports pleasures.
Manuela L.

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Hotel Taxi

Everything worked out pretty good for us over here in Orlando. It's important to pick out a decent place to stay, actually it's about the most important thing you can do. It took us a good two weeks to finalize are booking and we ended up here at this wonderful tropical village which is part of the Monorail system. I think the best part is we didn't have to drive anywhere. If you need to go to some specific restaurant in the area, and there are a lot of them that are great, you can take a mearstransportation.com yellow taxi from right near the front desk. There of lots of things that you don't need to go off-site for including cocktails and fatboysbarbeque.net bbq dinner, but it is nice to branch out a little bit and explore lots of good places in greater Orlando and not just the disney parks. They have a bus system that takes you to all the Disney properties like the theme parks and Disney Springs. The local taxi service works great and get you there really quickly because they know where everything is, and it's faster than the bus but cost you. At least you have choices, and that makes for a better vacation situation.

Brittney C.


1600 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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