Pool Play at the Campground

Pool Play at the Campground

In an attempt to try something a little different, it was a pleasure to try the camping resort. We thought it would be a good idea and it's a lot cheaper than say staying at the Grand Floridian Resort. The cost is actually lower than even the value hotels like All-Star Sports or Art of Animation Resort. Having lots of choices is a good thing, as because there are so many rooms at the disney property, the prices are quite reasonable for campsites or hotel rooms. At Fort Wilderness they also have cabins, which are fancy hotel rooms that are surrounded by wilderness. I would tell people to use an rv trailer if you can, but tent camping is allowed. I would only do camping inside a tent with a sleeping bag if the weather is really primetime. It only takes a shower or two to cross the path of your campsite for things to be pretty soggy and miserable, nothing like if you stay in rv travel trailer.
Lucien P.

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RV Resort

We can take either of the shade coleman.com assets to really chill at the beach and Fort Wilderness. When you come down for presidents weekend bring both shade tools, and we can hit the beach for two hours or more. We can bring the tunes, reading things, Subway and the rest. Having shade is going to change your life, which is why I got you the Coleman 9x7 canopy!

Candice Y.

Fort Wilderness

4510 North Fort Wilderness Trail
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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