Orlando's Top Rated Swimming Pools

Orlando's Top Rated Swimming Pools

Every summer we come here every couple of weeks using the Florida resident waterpark pass. It is so nice to dive into a tropical paradise where families, couples, and adults can escape to splashing waves, tube rides, down the zipper, and even some cool relaxing fun.

Zip down awesome body slides is our number one summer event. Feeling brave and summitt plummet awaits! This is one of the places in Orlando that you would not mind going back to the following day to repeat the whole thing again. I'm not sure I could say that specifically about any other Theme Park. Although Epcot with all of the restaurants is something you could consistently go to again and again. This place is all about water world and splashing. Just fantastic is Orlando's top rated swimming pools!

This is the best beach in Lake Buena Vista. Enjoy your day in a thrilling water park that features a wonderful beach area and swimming zone. All ages will love the fun and there is a kids park featuring smaller versions of the popular rides. We like to soak up the sun down by the beach after we first challenge ourselves to the ultimate free-fall called Summit Plummet. Enjoy splashable play at Blizzard Beach.
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We did not know about the water parks until we arrived here in Orlando. In the hotel lobby you will have all sorts of pamphlets and information at your disposal. This is where we got fired up to hit Blizzard Beach. Those pamphlets are great to look at especially on the first day when you arrive.

The hotel has a special channel that is all about the things that are going on around the Disney area. I am going to run errands today to get hotter for afternoon slide rides. Lion kitty needs cat food and then Splash time.

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Blizzard Beach

1534 Blizzard Beach Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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