Things to Do in Orlando

Things to Do in Orlando

There are some things you have to wait in line for. I guess you know that are of heard that theme park visits are about lines and that includes for the big shows in the theater. It is well worth just a few minutes of waiting, and in once you're inside they entertain you for ten or fifteen minutes before the show starts.

I have to give them credit for trying their best to keep everybody happy with all of the extra special add on's and features. We love it and you just can't get all caught up in worrying about waiting for a few minutes. Come with your best attitude and the day will be better than ever.

It is a big party and the adults can drink alcohol inside Hollywood Studios. Yes, they serve wine, beer, and more cocktail types at the various restaurants. Easy to find, it is sold all over this park. Now the same at the Magic Kingdom, they now sell booze there too. Drinks for Adults & Fireworks for Kids is a good thing.
Julio T.

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Hollywood Hills Amphitheater

Thank goodness the new disney has shorter lines and entertainment when you are waiting Ask them about the crowds, and they will know from the night before how packed it will be. This is a very Busy Event in the Winter. All of the shows in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater are fantastic to see. Another thing we liked was the Bar Harbor Lobster Company for dining.

Edythe B.


351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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