Resort with Boat Shuttle Service

Resort with Boat Shuttle Service

We had the most fabulous time here at the fabulous lodge and at the Theme Parks. The boat picks you up and takes you to the park entrance. One word of warning on this hotel, bring a few bathing suits as we went in multiple times each day. Hotel rooms there are smallish and I would definitely not have more than two adults and two children in one room. The suite rooms are the way to go for six adults. If you are going with multiple kids, some rooms have a bunk bed and queen available instead of the usual two double beds or one king.
Lucille Z.

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Boat Taxi

This hotel is in a giant forest which really makes it seem extra cool. I really didn't know they that trees grew this tall in Florida as mainly we just noticed a lot of palm trees when we were here before and they have Coconut Palm trees from Naples down to the Florida Keys in Key West. Picking out a hotel for the beauty is a big part of what you might as well get because you don't pay that much more for the price.

Amenities are very competitive and they just give them away in Orlando where you have more hotel choices then you can imagine to pick from. Restaurants like are everywhere so do not think you need to stay and eat inside the hotel even though the Disney food is really good. You can use the Boat Taxi as much as you want and you will see a lot of drivers. They change boat taxi drivers quite a bit as I guess they get fatigued or they need to use the bathroom. Do not jump off the boat as there are alligators in the lake!

Sandy Q.

Wilderness Lodge

901 Timberline Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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