A Winner for Guests

A Winner for Guests

Our trip to the Caribbean Beach Resort was amazing, it rocks for fun. You have to give this Orlando Hotel our highest rating, as we have never had a better time or experience in any of the other Orlando area hotels that we had stayed for. They make it like a big party every day of the week. Big Smiles hit you right at the door and are how they are around the pool and the rest of the property. Having a beach ball right there at the hotel is a huge benefit.
Ronda K.

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Great Swimming Pool Bar

A moderate resort with a great Swimming Pool bar is the Caribbean Beach. Having a Swimming Pool cocktail bar is a nice resort amenity. When we dined at shutters restaurant and just have to rave over the resort. Shutters menu includes char-grilled chicken with steamed rice, steamed broccoli and jamaican-inspired flavor sauce.

Sandra K.

Prime pick with Kids

The Caribbean Beach was the first moderate hotel we stayed at with children, as it is nice sized for a family. Planning on swimming a lot, and they are nicely clean. At the pool are games and they even pulled us in to do limbo!

Sydney J.

Caribbean Beach

900 Cayman Way
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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