Boat Taxi Boarding

Boat Taxi Boarding

Probably no other Disney resort actually fits the theme of having a boat taxi as much as the Port Orleans Riverside Resort does. Most of the other hotels just happen to have a lake or water close by which makes for a great view. This particular hotel was fully designed all around the mighty Sassagoula River.

I think it's completely romantic as well has got a fun kind of vibe to it. Of course if you're over there near the big giant swimming hole called ol Man Island, everything is fun. The Swimming Pool is outstanding as is all of them on disney property.

Here you get even more of their award-winning southern landscaping, it is beautiful for sure. The price is right and I have to say that Boatwright's Dining Hall is just super on the inside and out. We would end up going in and out of Boatwrights Dining Hall to do the refills on the souvenir beverage cups all day long. They make great salads, full-size pizzas, and all sorts a good sandwiches and pasta dishes.
Alfreda H.

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Sassagoula River Boat Marina

This hotel is right on the nautical mile! Yes, you take a cute little boat right down to the theme parks. Just how neat is that. You would never expect the boat themes here in Orlando. Daytona Beach yes, but they do have water and rivers here in Orlando too. An action packed resort perfect For all Ages. Try the Napasorn Thai Restaurant or the Woodlands for dining.

I love the colors they did at the hotel. We took photos of the color schemes and are matching it at home. As soon as arriving back from our orlando vacation, I cleaned the inside of the door and went to Home Depot for paint.

It doesn't need much painting, just more disney color. The outside window areas need work, being disney is so clean my house looked dirty. I think it will take more than 5 minutes and then paint the walls. I am going to get some paint this week for the bottom part, underneath the door. I am going to get a brown just like the Port Orleans riverside resort!

Stacie W.

Riverside Levee Marina

1251 Dixie Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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