Sand Bottom Swimming Pool

Sand Bottom Swimming Pool

You will love the sand bottomed pool that sits right in front of the hotel. It is really giant and goes all the way around the front side of the complex, sitting lake front. It is just fabulous and it is so fun having the sand under your feet. The only problem we found with this fantastic Swimming Pool is that is not twenty-four hours a day. During our disney vacation trip, it was open from ten am to eight pm. Stormalong bay is like a lazy river, perfect for relaxing in the water.
Milford Q.

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Swimming Pool

One aspect of an enjoyable resort stay is getting the right room size. Decide when you want to go, and at which Disney resort you wish to stay. Do you want a room on a particular floor, or near the pool? If you phone a specific resort in hopes of making reservations you will be redirected to central reservations. Make sure to pick a room in the right location. There is no guarantee that your request will influence your room location. Before call to book, make note of your needs and wishes.

We certainly did a lot of homework before we booked our reservation. There's a lot of websites that are devoted to all of the Disney world nuts like we are and really can help you out making good decisions. It is nice to get honest answers to questions about hotels and how good they are. You really can't go by some websites because people submit their own comments and try to make their competitors look bad. Some people do put fake comments out on the web and that really can screw you over and might dissuade you from a good hotel because you think it's bad when it's really the competition that said the bad remarks about the hotel. I hope that makes sense, as you just need to do a lot of homework and skip travelocity because they don't have accurate comments about the Orlando Hotels.

Fletcher T.

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