Special Ideas for Visitors

Special Ideas for Visitors

Just so fun for the best Orlando Area play times around the water. Now they have beach area, snorkel zones, and more interaction with marine life than ever. We came during the SeaWorld Member Days, as AAA members received a one hour early access to the entire park. We could go right to our favorite ride (Manta) before the lines got too long. Way cool ride.
Winford H.

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Big thrill parks are a lot of fun

We like the vibe year, a day at SeaWorld Orlando is definitely filled with fun For all Ages. It has a strong focus on the children with all the marine life and water shows. We enjoyed some of the thrill rides and the encounters with the animals. They have another place called Discovery Cove which is next door and you pay extra to have even closer encounters.

Isiah A.

Very good display of Marine Life

They have some new Antarctica themed ride, which was supposed to open this month. I like what they're doing with the Manatee display, they are a big deal to the people that live here in Florida. Discovery Cove is very nice if you have the cash and want to get your kids up close to the animals. The habitats for all the critters are very lifelike and so real.

Clarissa G.

Best of the Day

You have to go on Kraken, and yes it does go fast. I also enjoyed the Skytower - Paddle Boats - Wild Arctic Ride - Net Climb - Jazzie Jellies - and the Swishy Fishies.

Luz T.


7007 SeaWorld Drive
Orlando FL 32821

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