See the Big Tigers

See the Big Tigers

Animal Kingdom is a great place to go. All get to experience animals from all around the world, so we highly advice you to check it out. Be sure to go early to this Disney Theme Park, as it is the first one to close because of the animals. It is a day time park only, not an Orlando nightlife spot. Get the best photos and video of the animals right when the park opens.
Nina A.

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Siberian Tiger

Getting an opportunity to see the siberian tiger up close was quite a thrill. This is a great place for viewing and they teach you some of the lessons learned on these wonderful creatures. You can pay attention and gather some knowledge or you could just take a few photos and move on. I think it's great that tigers live alone and are so independent. They don't like other tigers in their territories and aggressively scent-mark large sections of real estate to keep their rivals away. I am not sure how all these particular animals feel inside, since they have been domesticated to some degree. I still would not get near one as they are powerful hunters. I love watching the national geographic channel as they showed the tigers travel many miles to find prey. You probably wonder what they eat? They probably eat really good at Disney like chicken wings and barbecue ribs! In a wild they eat turkey, elk, boar, and other small animals.

Rosalia Y.

Animal Kingdom

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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